Brand Manager with Solid Fashion Experience

Brand Manager, Stig Rasmussen, has been within the fashion industry as a designer for more than 40 years.
Stig is passionate about making high quality products at attractive prices. He spends a lot of time analyzing end-users needs and wants in order to offer shops products that sell out fast.

Over the last 40 years, Stig has seen how the business has changed and how end-users now demand new products more often. In order to accomodate consumers' needs, Stig carefully selects styles for each drop and make sure they are delivered at the right time within the season.

"Our ambition with SUNDAY is to create easy-to-wear fashion for mature women. We are aiming for a collection that is characterized by high quality basics that ought to be in every adult woman's wardrobe. The look is casual and comfortable - with an emphasis on trendy season-colors and elegant prints."

- Stig Rasmussen, Brand Manager

How we design

When designing we look everywhere and at everything. We find inspiration from both near and afar. For instance we found inspiration for this beatifully patterned knit by taking the prints and patterns from several styles in our collection. Each pattern was then given a ribbon on the knit and we ended up with this amazing knitwear. You could say this piece of knit captures the essential part of our collection. That is beauty to me.

- Stig Rasmussen, Brand Manager.


easy-to-wear fashion for mature women

SUNDAY is a new Danish brand that makes easy-to-wear fashion for women. SUNDAY is targeted at mature price-conscious women who wants a great fit, comfort and high-quality.

The SUNDAY team consists of passionate designers and sellers who are constantly on the lookout for new trends and tendencies. This is also reflected in the first collections featuring the latest in knit, t-shirts, skirts and dresses.

The collections are delivered in carefully selected drops which mean that our customers can expect to have the right products delivered at the right time.